sanctification noun

sanc·​ti·​fi·​ca·​tion | \ ˌsaŋ(k)-tə-fə-ˈkā-shən \

1 : an act of sanctifying
2a : the state of being sanctified
b : the state of growing in divine grace as a result of Christian commitment after baptism or conversion

And in this case, a blend of carefully curated oils meant to ground and uplift during a time of great trial and distress. To roll on the temples at night. To roll onto the ribbons of your Bible or Devotional. To be applied to the wrists as a perfume. It has a light, woodsy, botanical scent.


If you’d like to make it yourself…and a little bit about each oil from Young Living:

10 Drops Sacred Mountain

“Sacred Mountain™ is a blend of Ylang Ylang and conifer oils that evokes the sense of sanctity found in nature and promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding, and protection when diffused.”

10 Drops Valor

“Valor essential oil blend is one of our most popular products and a favorite of founder D. Gary Young. Its woodsy, positive scent comes from a blend of Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense.”

10 Drops Bergamot

“Bergamot essential oil’s effervescent citrus aroma makes it a great addition to your morning routine and to liven up your household chores. The yellow-green peel of this orange-shaped fruit is cold pressed to produce pure essential oil. While Bergamot has a primarily tart and uplifting aroma, there are also sweet and relaxing elements, making it a popular addition to perfumes.”

10 Drops Frankincense

“Frankincense essential oil has a broad range of uses, from enhancing spiritual and meditative practice to use in beauty routines. Frankincense has an earthy, uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness. Create a safe and comforting environment by diffusing this oil’s empowering aroma, particularly when you are seeking purpose or engaged in prayer or meditation.”

With Organic Sweet Almond Oil as a carrier oil.


Those who sign up as a Young Living Member with me during the month of August will receive Sanctification as a welcome gift! (DM me for more info or Sign Up Here)

“In wisdom’s house you’ll find delightful treasures and the oil of the Holy Spirit”

  • Proverbs 21:20 (The Passion Translation)



Organic Anti-Aging Matcha Bath Salts


Hi Friends! Exciting stuff! My mom and I have set up an Etsy shop where we will share our handmade items! However, I want you to be able to make them for yourself if you choose, so I will share our recipes!


I chose this recipe because of the fun, energizing, and detoxifying ingredients. And the end product smells absolutely DIVINE (think, Lush). If you’d like to make them yourself, here is the recipe I used: Matcha Tea Anti-Aging Bath Salts


We used homegrown organic Lavender buds from our garden to make ours, and I always use Young Living Essential Oils when I am making my own spa products.

To learn more about Young Living products, go to my Linktree Cupcakes and Conquerors and click on “Become a Young Living Member”. Everyone who signs up as a Young Living Member under me in the month of August will receive a special welcome gift!

To shop our Bath Salts, check out our Etsy shop! Purchase Our Organic Anti-Aging Matcha Bath Salts Here!

Happy Spa Days!


Summer (Clean) Skincare Favorites!


After lots of shopping around, I have settled on two amazing skincare companies which I absolutely LOVE, and which I’m so excited to share with my friends (Raise your hand if I’ve made you do Saving Face with me!).

So, today I’m going to share with you why I love each of these companies, and which products are my staples. Of course, everyone’s skin is different, so make sure to take that into account when trying new products! All of these products are clean, and safe for the most sensitive skin, as well as the environment, so you can order with a clear conscience!

Primally Pure:

I started using Primally Pure’s deodorant, oh, a couple years ago now? And I absolutely fell in love with it! Their deodorant is all natural with minimal ingredients (all of which I can pronounce), they smell divine, and they actually work at masking odor while not being antiperspirants. I have tried their Blue Tansy and Geranium deodorants, both of which I love.

I started using their skincare this Spring when they ran a Mother’s Day special, and fell completely in love! I’ve been using their Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin, Complexion Mist (I’ve tried Neroli and Geranium, but Geranium is my favorite). I also use their Clarifying Serum, as well as their Blue Tansy Beauty Cream.

Primally Pure’s ingredients are very carefully chosen, and the company does a fantastic job about educating us on why each ingredient was chosen, and how each ingredient benefits the skin. I love this education aspect of the company.

All the products have a lovely floral/botanical scent which is naturally derived from the essential oils.

Shop Primally Pure Here

Beauty Society:

Beauty Society is a company I have been using for probably over a decade now. They are a company with a conscience for those in need and the environment. There are MANY products I love from this company, but I’ll share with you a few I have been loving lately, and I will do so in sharing with you my routine! Both of these companies have beautiful, minimalist packaging that looks chic on your bathroom counter which is always a bonus! 🙂

Shop Beauty Society Here

Step 1: Cleanse

For everyday cleansing, I use Set Me Free, which is a sudsy cleanser which is helpful for acne prone skin, or during the summer with more oily skin.


Every 3 days or so, I mix a dropper of Primally Pure’s Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin with an equal amount of Beauty Society’s Crystal Ball (a microdermabrasion treatment) to slough off dead skin cells. I’ll also double cleanse with Set Me Free if I feel like it!

Step 2: Tone

With a few sprays of Primally Pure’s Geranium Complexion Mist

Step 3: Treat

With Primally Pure’s Clarifying Serum, followed by jade rolling (if I have time)

Step 4: Moisturize

With Primally Pure’s Blue Tansy Beauty Cream

Finish with Beauty Society’s Papaya Lip Balm (it smells divine)


If I have spent time in the sun, I’ll add a squirt of Beauty Society’s Aloe based Baby Calm Down, Calming and Hydrating Masque

I ALWAYS add a drop or two of Young Living’s Frankincense Essential Oil to combat redness and scarring. To learn more about Young Living go to my Linktree and click on “Become a Young Living Member” or contact me for more info! My Linktree

Once a week, when I’m feeling extra indulgent, I apply 2-3 pumps of Beauty Society’s Saving Face Foaming Facial with Advanced BTX. This masque is SUCH a treat, and makes my skin feel incredible. Apply the masque equally over your face, avoiding the eyes. It will bubble up and tickle for about 20 min. Wait until the bubbles disappear, rinse it off with cold water, then continue with Step 2. You won’t regret it.

Deliver U.S.

I sit here writing and re-writing, not knowing what to say…

These past several months have just been too much to handle in a lot of ways. I hate this “new normal” with every fiber of my being. I hate the fear, the deception, the hypocrisy, and the division. I can’t stand seeing children afraid to breathe the fresh air. I hate that smiling faces have become criminal. I hate that destruction has become art. I hate that several hundred year old crimes are held over the heads of innocents by those who turn a blind eye to modern day human trafficking and the child sex trade. I’m disgusted with weak, fake churches cowering and complying with illegal, ungodly “guidelines instead of obeying Christ in gathering and laying hands on the sick. I’m done with it all.

But, I do know who we are truly battling against here, and I know who wins this battle.

So here is my prayer for our Nation today…

That our Healer would break the chains of fear and hate and deception and hypocrisy and division. That His people would rise up united to claim our destiny, not only here on earth, but also in Heaven.

That all evil assignments set against our nation and the children of God would be null and void. Powerless. Broken off.

For our leaders to rise up and lead us away from the plans of the devil.

I pray for light to shine in the darkness. For truth to prevail. For the demise of evil, sick people. For the freedom and restoration of those who have been held captive. For justice.

For holy fire to fall on the earth and wake up sleeping masses. For the tide to turn. For this next season to be one that is full of celebration and restoration.

I pray for a season of health. For those industries which have killed and maimed for profit to fall. For the truth to be revealed. For healing for our earth, and a new appreciation and understanding for nature.

For our Nation to become a God-fearing Nation.

And lastly, I pray for peace and prosperity. And I ask all these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Mermaid Hair


Mermaid hair is one of my MOST favorite products to use on my hair now! I started making this back in May, and absolutely love the way it makes my hair smell and feel!

It is super easy to make, all natural, and promotes good hair health, and growth. With all the nasty ingredients in commercial products, I love being able to make my own. I save money, and I know with 100% certainty that what I’m putting on my body is not going to be harmful to my hormones, potentially cause cancer, or cause headaches/nausea, as artificially scented products often do.

There are only 4 ingredients in Mermaid Hair, and the initial investment will last you a MONTHS, to possibly a year or so, depending on how often you use your Mermaid Hair, and how much you use each time.

All three of these essential oils are extremely beneficial for hair health, with qualities that combat dandruff, hair loss, and more. I will include links to more information on each oil within the ingredients list.

One of the incredible things about essential oils is that they are multi-purpose. You can use them to make your own personal care products like Mermaid Hair, or diffuse them throughout your home for mood support, sleep, etc. You can create your own perfume blends, or rollerball blends for mood support, sleep, pain, to calm nerves, support the immune system, the list goes on…and because essential oils are so concentrated, a little bit goes a LONG way. For example, I have already make around 7 bottles of Mermaid Hair, have also used these oils for other purposes, and I’m only halfway through the bottle!

If you want to learn more about essential oils, feel free to reach out to me personally, or shop here! Become A Young Living Member

Ok, enough talk. Here’s the recipe!

Mermaid Hair


Organic Witch Hazel

30 drops Lavender Essential Oil (Lavender Oil for Hair)

30 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil (Cedarwood Oil for Hair)

20 drops Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosemary Oil for Hair)

1 4 Oz. Glass Spray Bottle (ArchersArrowsByChele)


Add your essential oils to a clean glass spray bottle. Pour in witch hazel to fill the bottle. Shake. And you’re done!

Click Here for a Printable Version:

Mermaid Hair Recipe


$15 Off Daysy! And a 2020 Pledge.


Hi Friends!

Phew! These last few months have been a wild ride…I hope you’re hanging in there…

I have been doing my best to focus on strengthening my relationship with Jesus, friends and family, building up a healthy body, and trying to get out in nature as much as I can.

In a previous post, I had written about my experiences with seed cycling, and learning about my cycle. Daysy has been a very useful tool in helping me to see what is going on on a deeper level and make lifestyle adjustments that have built me up spiritually, emotionally, and physically, instead of tearing me down. And if you’ve ever been on a “health” journey, you know exactly what I mean!

Since then, I have decided to partner with Daysy in order to get their products to my friends at a discount. I believe this is in complete alignment with my goal of helping women (especially) to understand their bodies better, and to make informed choices about their own health.

On a heavier note, because of the current plight of child sex trafficking ravaging our world, I am pledging to donate every penny I earn through commission with Daysy in 2020 to Operation Underground Railroad OUR

Follow the link below to Shop! Pictured above is Daysy 2.0. She’s super sturdy, comes with a USB charing cord, and connects via Bluetooth to an app on your phone. I finally ordered this beautiful, handmade wooden case, made by Elkwood Arts, “a licensed vocational facility providing training and community support services to intellectually and developmentally disabled adults, while producing quality, hand-made wood products. Each box is unique and was machine made from a single block of black cherry hardwood.” It is protective with its dual magnetic “clasps”, and looks gorgeous on the nightstand.

$15 Off Daysy

20 for 2020, and 8 more for my 28th…

As 2019 comes to a close along with this decade, I find myself pondering my life…what it has been, what I hope for it to be, and what I want to make of the next year. I absolutely love that lazy week between Christmas and the New Year, as well as all the promise of a fresh year. This time, a decade.

This year, Christmas ended with the passing of my Great Grandma. She was an incredible woman who was spunky and fun in her old age (although she never seemed old). I cherish the memories I have of her – of afternoon tea, talking about boys, listening to her play hymns and ragtime tunes on the piano (she would play for the “old folks” at 90 years old), and jamming with her, too…of listening to her laugh, holding her velvety soft hands, and that mischievous twinkle in her eye after slapping my butt for saying something sassy. She passed in her sleep early in the morning on Boxing Day at almost 94 years old, and I know that she is resting peacefully in Heaven.

As we move into this new decade, I have come written up a list of goals for myself that I hope to accomplish over the next year. It can be so easy to just float through life without intention, but the time we’re given here is short. It flies by, and I want to make the most of it. These are not resolutions. I know I will succeed at some and fail at others.

So with that, here are my 20 things to work on in 2020, and 8 more in celebration of my upcoming 28th birthday:

  1. To exercise consistently. I have gotten much better at this over the years, but have struggled with this over the last year as I have been recovering from a season of dieting and unhealthy habits. My plan is to start incorporating light cardio daily or every other day until I am ready to start weight training again. I will include this in my planner as a “non-negotiable” (within reason).
  2. To design a meal plan for myself that is nourishing and sustainable, and to also learn how to design meal plans for others.
  3. To finish sewing the quilt I’ve been working on for over a decade…I think I’m just going to have to schedule time in weekly to get it done.
  4. To get a better handle on my finances by coming up with a budget.
  5. To pay off my debt (thankfully I don’t have much)
  6. To start saving up for a house.
  7. To write at least one blog post each month.
  8. To get clear about how I want to use my passion for integrative health in business.
  9. To exit this season of limbo I’m currently in, and to start building my future somewhere I can feel settled.
  10. To work with a personal stylist to cultivate my style, and learn how to shop in a way that is thrifty, flatters my figure, and expresses who I am.
  11. To learn some new make up skills.
  12. To practice more, and to set musical goals for myself.
  13. To do a purge of my belongings, eliminating things that I no longer need or want. In my experience, giving away has always brought in more abundance.
  14. To schedule in one “friend date” each week.
  15. To schedule in one DIY “spa night” each week.
  16. To limit myself to no more than one cup of caffeine each day.
  17. To commit myself to nightly stretching and self-abdominal-massage (more on that later).
  18. To purge and revamp my social media.
  19. To improve my time-management skills, and learn how to be better about planning ahead, especially in regards to gift-giving.
  20. To prioritize quality time with people over alone time (that can be difficult for us introverts!)
  21. To seek out ways of showing kindness to others.
  22. To give generously where I feel led.
  23. To seek God by immersing myself in His word.
  24. To be genuine in my friendships/relationships, and to be unafraid to set boundaries when needed.
  25. To make my bed every day (I feel like this actually might be the most difficult one for me! hahah)
  26. To be bold in sharing what I’m passionate about.
  27. To organize my belongings in a way that allows me to utilize them (I’ll plan on doing this as I purge belongings).
  28. To improve my money-making skills so that budgeting and saving up become less daunting.

I wish you peace, joy, love, and comfort as you finish out this decade, and I wish you success and blessing as you enter into the next.



6 Tips to a More Organized Week


What an incredible season summer is. For those of us whose main workload is during the school year, it can be a time of rest and adventure. But it always brings along opportunities to learn and grow. I was just sitting down to plan out my “to do’s” next week, and thought I’d share this goldmine that has been weekly planning for me.

As summer approached, I began to realize that, aside from work, I struggled to accomplish goals I set for myself, and couldn’t really figure out why. I had much more time than usual, and definitely had the energy, so why did I struggle so?

At the beginning of July, I saw a therapist to help me work through some things on my heart. It was something I had been considering for about a year, but my ideas about therapy and the kind of people who go to therapy held me back from taking that step. It was a wonderful time for me, of being able to tell my story, of being encouraged to see things from a different perspective, and to release some things that had been bound up in me. But there was one very important question she asked me that has stuck; “What is your dream?”. And I realized, I’m not quite sure yet. I thought I knew what my dream was, but what I actually knew was a laundry list of items I wanted to “check off” in life. I still don’t know what my dream is, but I have committed myself to being more organized so I can make a routine of the tasks and activities that will bring me closer to whatever that dream is (like practicing my violin, exercising, studying, and reading).

So with that, I’d like to share with you some simple ways I have organized my weeks. I know that when school starts up in a few weeks, I’ll have to budget less time for certain activities, but I hope to carry this practice throughout the school year, because it has really been life-changing for me!

  1. Write down a plan for the week. Include every single task you hope to accomplish for each day. Cleaning, practicing a musical instrument, running to the bank, grocery shopping, meal prepping, responding to emails, gym time, reading, going for walks, work, appointments, etc.
  2. Include one DIY “spa night” each week. A nice hot salt bath, a clay mask, a facial. Light a candle and some incense. Bring a book or Netflix and a square of dark chocolate with you to the bath.
  3. Include relationship-building activities like coffee dates, date dates, etc. I have discovered that these are extremely important to me in my single life, and have noticed that I function much better when I include as much social time as possible in my schedule.
  4. Plan your meals! And include a grocery trip and a meal prep day in your weekly plan! Cassy Joy Garcia’s book “Cook Once, Eat All Week” has been a timesaver for me! Each week in the book makes a whole week’s worth of lunches and dinners for one person (about 3 days worth for a couple) based on three main ingredients for under $100, and they are delicious, healthy, and varied. I highly recommend ordering her book on Amazon and putting it to good use! I’ll also be adding protein shakes to my weekly menu because I’m getting tired of cooking for myself, and love the thought of having a super easy on-the-go option.
  5. Invest in a cute planner. I haven’t done this yet. Right now I’m writing down my weekly plans in a plain old notebook. It works. But 2020 will be much more fun 😉
  6. DON’T FORGET TO SCHEDULE IN SOME ADVENTURES! Life is short, and the world is big!

I hope you found these tips helpful! Let me know if you put any of them to use, or if you think of something that I missed!

Have a wonderful week!



Days of Wine and Roses (And a Seed Cycling How To)

I am obviously doing a fantastic job of sticking to my resolve to blog once a week…although I’m not too annoyed with myself. Sometimes it’s just better to live life than write about it.

Those “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer” are here and so full. I try to remember to thank God every day for all the prayers that have been answered this year. I’m so thankful for this time of life – time to hike up mountains with beloved friends, to make noodles from scratch, to get accidentally tipsy on homemade limoncello over life-giving conversation, to get my hands dirty and plant a garden, to skinny dip in the hot afternoon sun, to play music, to make soap from scratch with my mother. To learn, to take care of business, to be fearless, to explore. I’m thankful for this season of rest and cultivation after a season that was full of difficulty and pain.

But this post is meant for you. The woman who is feeling the need to nourish and balance her hormones, or to just tune in to her cycle and honor her incredible design. We as women are made so beautifully and uniquely, and as I learn more through personal study and my course with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am becoming more and more aware of how important it is for women to embrace their womanhood. As Psalm 139:14 states, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Unfortunately, most of us have been raised in a culture that is unfriendly towards the feminine, and can even be detrimental to women’s health and wellbeing. Our culture has been one that frowns on rest, play, creativity, and nourishment, and instead has replaced them with over-work, over-exercise, and under-nourishment.

I feel like I could talk about this for days. My dream is for our society to develop a culture that is well-suited to both the female and male strengths. One where our gifts of nuture, playfulness, and creativity encourage and lift men up, and where their gifts of protection, victory, and strength create a safe haven for us. But that is not what this post is about. I write this for all the women in my life who I’ve shared with,  who have asked me to share my experience, and what I have learned about Seed Cycling.

I began seed cycling in February in an attempt to improve my hormones. When I moved to Napa last Summer, I experienced a crash after a long period of dieting, over-exercising, ridiculously long commutes, and a lack of community and social life. I had some hormone testing done which showed a Pregnenolone Steal (your body needs more cortisol to deal with stressful situations, so it steals Pregnenolone to compensate). From what I’ve learned, this often follows a time of high cortisol, which is what I had been experiencing for about two years. Seed cycling is a method of using specific seeds during specific phases of the female cycle to support healthy hormone production. For me, it has boosted my mood and energy, further regulated my cycle (Menstruation comes on the day it is expected), cleared up hormonal acne, and my “lady balls” are the most satisfying thing I eat each day! It is a simple, natural, and delicious way to nourish your hormones. It is not a quick fix, and from what I’ve learned, is not effective while taking HBC (hormonal birth control).

This is not meant to treat or prevent disease. My intention through this post and this blog is to share with you some things that have helped me to live a better life, in the hope that it might help you as well!

Here’s the gist:

Your cycle is split up in to 2 big phases; Follicular (days 1-14) and Luteal (days 15-28), and 4 sub-phases; Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulatory, and Luteal.

For Seed Cycling, you consume a Tablespoon EACH of fresh, raw, ground up Pumpkin and Flax seeds during your Follicular phase, and Sunflower and Sesame seeds during your Luteal phase. Some people choose to sprinkle them in smoothies and on salads, but I like making them into a 1-hit snack.

If your cycle is fairly regular, you can just start there. On day 1 or day 15. I jumped in on day 15 when I first started.

If your cycle is irregular (shorter than 25 days, or longer than 30 days), then you can cycle with the Moon. Start cycling your Pumpkin and Flax seeds with the New Moon, or your Sunflower and Sesame seeds with the Full Moon.

Here is a great resource on Seed Cycling for the Beginner:

If you have no idea where you are in your cycle, or where the Moon is, here are my favorite apps for tracking my cycle.

DaysyView is the app that goes along with the Daysy Fertility Monitor. I use this to track my BBT. Daysy is beautiful German device, but I (and many more users) have had difficulty with syncing the device to the app, as it’s still a fairly new product.

Flo is where I track everything that goes along with my cycle – menstruation, CM, mood, exercise, etc. I also use the Cronometer app to track my food and exercise, and this app connects to Flo, which I love!

Moon is just what it says. It is a very simple app showing what phase the Moon is in, at what percentage, and when the next Moon is due.


Now that you know how to get started, I’m going to give you a recipe for each of the two phases. This recipe makes 14 good-sized snack balls. One for each day of that phase of your cycle. Eat one each day, and when you have a couple left, make a batch for the next phase of your cycle. The recipe is one I originally got from The Natural Fit Foodie. She’s a great resource for cycle syncing. I love her recipe, but made a few tweaks to tailor the consistency to my liking, and I wanted to throw in one more superfood! Here is the original recipe:

Pictured below are my “Flumpkin Lady Balls”

Processed With Darkroom

Flumpkin Lady Balls (Follicular Phase/Days 1-14):


14 heaping Tbsp. ground Pumpkin Seeds

14 heaping Tbsp. ground Flax Seeds

2 Tbsp. shredded Coconut (I like to grind this with my seeds)

1/3 c. raw Cacao

1/2 c. raw Almond Butter

1/4 c. just melted (but not hot!) Virgin Coconut Oil

1 Tbsp. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder (I get mine from Thrive Market)

1 Tbsp. Lucuma Powder (Amazon!)

1 Tbsp. Baobab Powder (Thrive Market! Extra Vitamin C boost!)

1 heaping Tbsp. ground Cinnamon

2 Tbsp. raw Honey

1 Tbsp. Vanilla extract


Mix everything together in the bowl of a standing mixer, or in a big bowl with a handheld mixer. I like to mix the dry ingredients together, then add the wet, slowly pouring in the melted coconut oil last. Form in to balls using a cookie dough scooper or ice cream scoop the size of a golf ball(ish). Refrigerate on a cookie sheet before transferring to an airtight container or jar.

❤ ❤ ❤

Sunsame Lady Balls (Luteal Phase/Days 15-28):


14 heaping Tbsp. ground Sunflower Seeds

14 heaping Tbsp. ground Sesame Seeds

2 Tbsp. shredded Coconut (I like to grind this with my seeds)

1/3 c. raw Cacao

1/2 c. raw Almond Butter

1/4 c. just melted (but not hot!) Virgin Coconut Oil

1 Tbsp. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder (I get mine from Thrive Market)

1 Tbsp. Lucuma Powder (Amazon!)

1 Tbsp. Baobab Powder (Thrive Market! Extra Vitamin C boost!)

1 heaping Tbsp. ground Cinnamon

2 Tbsp. raw Honey

1 Tbsp. Vanilla extract


Mix everything together in the bowl of a standing mixer, or in a big bowl with a handheld mixer. I like to mix the dry ingredients together, then add the wet, slowly pouring in the melted coconut oil last. Form in to balls using a cookie dough scooper or ice cream scoop the size of a golf ball(ish). Refrigerate on a cookie sheet before transferring to an airtight container or jar.

❤ ❤ ❤

And there you are! It’s fairly simple, just make sure to plan ahead so you always have the ingredients on hand! As soon as I see myself running low on an ingredient, I add it to my grocery list, and order it or grab it from the store the next time I have a chance. When using food this way, I truly believe consistency is key. Be consistent, give it time, and I hope it will bring improvement to your cycle! Please reach out if you decide to give it a go, and let me know what you think!


Mandie ❤



Life Cycles

Processed With Darkroom

I meant to write last weekend, but never got around to it. Life has been so full lately that I’ve barely had a moment to myself. Daily journaling is being squeezed into cracks of time, and what was once a weekly meal prep day has become piecemeal cooking, and packing charcuterie for lunch because at this point in my life, I’d rather spend my time with people than cooking for myself. Interesting how there are seasons in life, and how quickly they can change.  I’m definitely not complaining though, these rituals that were my pillars this time last year have been pleasantly replaced with friendship and adventure, two things I was fervently praying for.

The start of March brought a whirlwind of activities, in addition to my Menstrual Phase, as well as a resurgence of some yearly cyclical battles. An absolutely fantastic combination of wonderful and frustrating (I am being a bit sarcastic here), causing me to feel so grateful for my life and all I’ve experienced one day, and like I’d just rather not the next. Thankfully though, through all of the self study I’ve done over the past couple years, I’m able to pinpoint hormonal fluctuations and how they affect my mood and emotions, which gives me both grace for myself, and insight to ask for grace from others when I need it.

This weekend brought brand new life and the promise of Spring through the birth of two kids back on the family farm. A little boy, and a little girl. They are velvety soft, and absolutely irresistible. If you ever feel lost or confused in life, visit a farm and ask to play with the babies. There’s just something so peaceful and inspiring about the dirt, the fresh air, and watching the animals.

I’m looking forward to this coming season, despite how scattered and uncertain I feel. Even now, I have been desperately trying to focus in and get some studying done, but I just can’t seem to put my mind to it! Maybe it’s this glorious sunshine?!

Regarding health stuff, I have been feeling fantastic! I completed one whole cycle of seed cycling, and I’m about halfway through my second rotation. I’ll be sharing some thoughts and recipes as I learn more, but one thing that I’ve found interesting is that the seed cycling snacks I’ve made have been THE MOST satisfying thing I’ve eaten. And it makes me believe that there must be some benefit to nourishing our bodies on a hormonal level! I’ll be finishing up Pumpkin and Flax, and starting back on Sunflower and Sesame this coming Thursday.

For awhile, when I went back home to visit family, I was noticing that coffee (a homemade Americano with cream) was giving me jitters, so this weekend I tried adding a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to my morning coffee, and guess what?! No jitters! Give it a try if you like your coffee, but don’t always like how it makes you feel 🙂

I think that’s all for now. Honestly, sometimes I feel a bit ridiculous writing here. Especially days like these when I feel like I have absolutely nothing of importance to say. I have no idea who actually reads these posts, and I am often afraid of what people might think of me when I share my inner thoughts and my nerdy experiments. However, my hope is that by sharing my journey, I’ll be able to connect with others on similar paths.

I hope this post finds you well and with a successful week ahead of you ❤