As Time Goes By

Today I celebrate exactly one year since I began my journey towards better health (and, since I started moving things in to my music studio!). I was incredibly tempted to celebrate this day with a slice of Princess Torte and a bubble bath, but I have decided against the slice of cake. There will be another day for that….the idea seems a bit sacrilegious! Instead, I celebrated by getting my taxes finished, and will end the day with my first ever Spin class and that bubble bath!

As I celebrate this milestone, I find myself in a state of reflection. This year has brought many firsts and lasts, confusion and clarity, excitement and pain. It has been a time of battle, but also a time of victory. I have learned so much with much, much more to learn. I have had the opportunity to travel near and far, to feel pampered, but also to get down and dirty and work harder than I ever have before. In my current season of hard work and preparation for a busy Summer season, I find myself afraid of the busy-ness and worried about how I will conquer all I need to in this next season, but instead, I am going to choose daily to embrace the messiness that is life, and enjoy the journey and all that it brings.

In honor of a year gone by, I will share with you some of my goals for this next year.

To take each thought captive and hold on to joy and hope.

To seek growth, always.

To take a pottery class and a dance class…or two…..or three….

To taste and create lovely food, but not indulge.

To walk.

To enjoy not having a clue what my size is.

To find pleasure in lovely things.

To give.

To drink more water.

To explore.