Protein Packed Breakfast Bake

I know, sometimes it can be ridiculously hard to get going in the morning! Starting the day off right can be challenging if you have to be out the door for work, or if you fit in your workouts in the morning. With my crazy schedule, I struggle enough trying to fit in everything I HAVE to do, let alone squeezing in some fun outings, hobbies, or social time! Which is why I’m so excited about recipes like these that can be made ahead and taken on-the-go!

I found this recipe for a make-ahead Breakfast Bake/Casserole from Dr. Beth Westie who is a Chiropractor and Women’s Health and Nutrition Expert. I originally discovered her through the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast, and loved her energy, excitement, and passion for helping women support their hormones. Her original recipe calls for ground turkey, but I went with ground pork to support the second half of my cycle, or my Progesterone phase. Dr. Beth Westie talks about using whole foods to support the Female cycle. I still have a lot to learn on this subject, but I’m excited to start experimenting!

So here’s the recipe…..


1 Tbsp Coconut Oil (I didn’t need it because there was plenty of fat in the Ground Pork)

1 Lb Ground Turkey (Or Pork, etc.)

12 Large Eggs

1 small Sweet Potato peeled and sliced thin (I used a Japanese purple sweet potato because that’s what I had on hand!)

1 cup Baby Spinach

Salt and Pepper for Seasoning


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Grease a 9×9 baking dish with coconut oil as well as heat the 1 Tbsp in a medium sized skillet set to medium-high heat (I did not need the coconut oil using ground pork). Add the ground meat and season with S&P. Continue to cook the meat until it begins to brown. While the meat is cooking, peel and slice the sweet potato. I used a Mandoline to make sure my slices were even and thin. Line the bottom of your greased baking dish with the sweet potato slices. Beat the eggs with a whisk and season with S&P (I added a little bit of Cayenne pepper to heat things up – Dr. Beth suggests adding spices during the Progesterone Phase which is Day 14-28 of your cycle). Top the sweet potatoes with the cooked ground meat, then pour the eggs on top, and layer with Spinach! My spinach got crispy, so I think I’ll sneak the spinach in with the ground meat next time! Place the dish in the oven and cook for 35-40 minutes or until the edges of the egg begin to brown and the casserole is firm throughout. I was able to get 6 fist-ish sized slices out of mine which means 6 breakfasts I don’t have to think about this week! Yay! Thanks Dr. Beth!!

Greased Baking Dish lined with Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Slices.


Trader Joe’s Ground Pork.






And done! Bon Appetit!


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