Strawberry Shortcakes

Processed With Darkroom

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Moms out there! Whether you mother children of your own, or through foster care/adoption, if you mother children through teaching, if or if you mother a company or a business, you are worthy of honor!

I decided to cook for my family as my gift to my mom this Mother’s Day. Food is our family’s love language, but where I would have made conventional meals in past years, it has become increasingly important to focus on foods that will nourish us and promote vitality, as my mom and I need to support our bodies for long work days, physical training (for me), managing the family farm (her), and as my dad is at the tail end of some health battles.

Through my weight loss journey over the past several years, I have gone through ups and downs with the scale and my emotions in search of a way of living and eating that works for me. There’s so much information out there that sometimes it can be so overwhelming to see through it all to truth. And there are a lot of things that have worked for other people that just might not work for me or you. Believe me, I’ve tried a lot of them! But, I am so excited to finally be in a place of peace. To have found a way of eating that I absolutely love. One of moderation, variety, beauty, and simplicity. I have reached a place where I spend only as much time in the kitchen as I’d like to (no more slaving away at stressful meal prep), and I am eating delicious, nutrient dense food. Stress-free. No doubt I will make a shift at some point, but I am content where I’m at now.

One of the many books I’ve read that helped guide me to this place is “Thin From Within” by Robyn Youkilis. Somehow I started following her on Instagram, ordered her book, and just felt so much peace about how I want to live my life. Her book is beautifully written, encouraging, soft, intuitive, and full of gorgeous recipes that I am falling in love with. I just ordered her first book, “Go With Your Gut”, and I absolutely cannot wait to read it!

So, for a little pre-Mother’s Day celebration, I made dinner of wild Alaskan salmon fillets baked in tinfoil with garlic and kerrygold butter, oven roasted balsamic asparagus, baked sweet potato, and a little side salad of arugula. For dessert, I made Robyns Strawberry Shortcakes! These are packed with coconut oil, farm fresh eggs, and berries I picked up from the market yesterday from a local farm, and my family loved them! I highly recommend you order her book once it is back in stock 😉

I started this morning with active play (for me, that means dance!), a trip to the market for half and half for my coffee, and made breakfast. I made Robyn’s recipe for Activated Corn Cakes (which I started yesterday), and topped them with goat milk yogurt and berries. Served with a side of uncured bacon. It’s this kind of cooking – preparing ingredients, taking time to make a meal look beautiful, and using ingredients collected from local farms and markets – that is truly enjoyable.



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