Bubbles, Brunch, and Babies

Boy, what a whirlwind of a week it’s been! It started off with work after a family trip to the beach, but the cracks in between have been pleasantly filled with exercise, long talks in the sauna, tennis, and tea. And while in the past, Valentine’s Day has been spent bemoaning singledom, this year brought a whole week of celebrating friendship and the people I love in the most wonderful ways, with waffles, gown hunting, hand-written notes, and digging deeper in friendship (vulnerability isn’t always the easiest, but it’s so worth it).

On Tuesday, two of my best friends and I shared High Tea together at The English Rose Tea Room in Pleasanton. We made our way through tiers of treats, exchanged gifts, and got caught up with each others’ goings-on. Then came bridesmaid dress shopping for my best friend of a decade or so’s May wedding. I’m so excited to be her Maid of Honor, and I love seeing how all of the pieces of her wedding are coming together so smoothly. We both loved the very first dress I tried on, and it amazes me that we had exactly the same vision for her bridesmaid dresses.

High Tea at The English Rose Tea Room in Pleasanton, CA 

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Friday brought pedicures with my cousin while we fawned over her baby, and coffee at the little cafe I used to work at.

And Saturday was a day of adventure.

I started the day with a Les Mills Bodypump class, and a little bit of time in the sauna before making my way to Santa Rosa for a trim at my favorite salon (Ritual), and brunch at The Naked Pig with my lovely West African friend. The drive was glorious, my time at the salon was relaxing and fun, and I was so inspired to listen to Raï talk about the African festival she is putting on in San Francisco this summer. For those of you who don’t know, Raï and I met when I modeled for her several months ago in the Palo Alto French Faire. Her assistant was unable to help her out for the event, and since I was the only model who lived nearby, she met me in Napa and we rode down together. She is the kind of person whose faith and passion inspires me, and I can’t wait to see where she will go in life.

Just about the only time my hair looks put together…..after a hair cut, or for a special event!

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Lunch at The Naked Pig in Santa Rosa, CA

This is a simple, chic Farm to Fork restaurant with a fantastic brunch menu. I got the Americana – farm fresh eggs, breakfast potatoes, quality bacon, and a side salad. I also got their Wild Fermented Cider.



Saturday ended with my first time attending the annual wine auction for the school where I teach. It was a festive evening of Champagne, lasso twirling, BBQ, and dancing, and was yet another reminder of why I love what I get to do. To be a part of such a kind and fun-loving community is an honor!

This morning started with a bang. I woke up around 1:55 am (or so) with a strange foreboding feeling, almost like I had woken up from a nightmare but I couldn’t remember what the nightmare was, and about a minute later, I hear a huge crash as the whole house began to shake…..it felt like a high speed train was roaring through the house. I threw off the covers, ready to run, but unsure of what I would be running from, or even if what I wanted to run from was real, but thankfully the quake passed quickly, and I went back to sleep after my heart stopped racing. I’m lucky that this little 3.8 Magnitude Yountville Earthquake was the biggest I’ve experienced so far, but it got me thinking…..what is the first thing I would grab if I had to leave home behind?

I am learning more and more just how important it is to prioritize relationships, and to actually live and experience life. We can store up treasures all we want, but tomorrow is not promised.

That being said, I’ve seen God answer so many prayers this year in precise detail. I asked Him for an older woman with a beautiful, peaceful oasis of a home to live with, I asked Him for a career doing what I love, I asked Him for amazing friends, a church family and home, and free time and freedom to really live life. I asked him for peace around food (still working on that one, but it’s getting there). And I asked him for time and recources to give, and to explore. Yes, it’s taken me stepping out in faith and following where He leads. Being ok with not being in control, and being ok with failing. But He is so faithful, and He cares so deeply for the desires of your heart ❤

Happy Sunday.



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