Life Cycles

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I meant to write last weekend, but never got around to it. Life has been so full lately that I’ve barely had a moment to myself. Daily journaling is being squeezed into cracks of time, and what was once a weekly meal prep day has become piecemeal cooking, and packing charcuterie for lunch because at this point in my life, I’d rather spend my time with people than cooking for myself. Interesting how there are seasons in life, and how quickly they can change.  I’m definitely not complaining though, these rituals that were my pillars this time last year have been pleasantly replaced with friendship and adventure, two things I was fervently praying for.

The start of March brought a whirlwind of activities, in addition to my Menstrual Phase, as well as a resurgence of some yearly cyclical battles. An absolutely fantastic combination of wonderful and frustrating (I am being a bit sarcastic here), causing me to feel so grateful for my life and all I’ve experienced one day, and like I’d just rather not the next. Thankfully though, through all of the self study I’ve done over the past couple years, I’m able to pinpoint hormonal fluctuations and how they affect my mood and emotions, which gives me both grace for myself, and insight to ask for grace from others when I need it.

This weekend brought brand new life and the promise of Spring through the birth of two kids back on the family farm. A little boy, and a little girl. They are velvety soft, and absolutely irresistible. If you ever feel lost or confused in life, visit a farm and ask to play with the babies. There’s just something so peaceful and inspiring about the dirt, the fresh air, and watching the animals.

I’m looking forward to this coming season, despite how scattered and uncertain I feel. Even now, I have been desperately trying to focus in and get some studying done, but I just can’t seem to put my mind to it! Maybe it’s this glorious sunshine?!

Regarding health stuff, I have been feeling fantastic! I completed one whole cycle of seed cycling, and I’m about halfway through my second rotation. I’ll be sharing some thoughts and recipes as I learn more, but one thing that I’ve found interesting is that the seed cycling snacks I’ve made have been THE MOST satisfying thing I’ve eaten. And it makes me believe that there must be some benefit to nourishing our bodies on a hormonal level! I’ll be finishing up Pumpkin and Flax, and starting back on Sunflower and Sesame this coming Thursday.

For awhile, when I went back home to visit family, I was noticing that coffee (a homemade Americano with cream) was giving me jitters, so this weekend I tried adding a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to my morning coffee, and guess what?! No jitters! Give it a try if you like your coffee, but don’t always like how it makes you feel 🙂

I think that’s all for now. Honestly, sometimes I feel a bit ridiculous writing here. Especially days like these when I feel like I have absolutely nothing of importance to say. I have no idea who actually reads these posts, and I am often afraid of what people might think of me when I share my inner thoughts and my nerdy experiments. However, my hope is that by sharing my journey, I’ll be able to connect with others on similar paths.

I hope this post finds you well and with a successful week ahead of you ❤




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