I am unapologetically eccentric. A hopeless romantic, a dreamer, and a do-er. I am incredibly passionate about my career as a violinist and private music instructor, and I hope to have a positive influence on each student who comes to me. I love to dance, to play around in the kitchen, to explore nature, to soak in the buzz of a big city, to try out a new coffee shop (or an old favorite), and to learn – whether it’s a hands-on project, listening to a podcast, reading a book, or listening to someone talk about what he/she is passionate about. I’m a lover and a fighter, and loyal to a T. I’m a modern day renaissance woman, who lives in a world of books and music, art and beauty. A world of good food, even better people, and awe of the Divine, but that is painfully juxtaposed with the battles of living in a flawed, human world. I strive to bring joy and blessing to everyone I meet. I hope to use my talents to serve, and to leave the world a better place.